Secure your Apple iPhone with MS Office family protection app

The MS Office has come up with the latest family safety app that is designed as a unique safety tool for the parents in order to get the valuable insights that will help them to monitor and track their child’s activity across multiple devices. This will also enable the user to watch the activity on Windows PC, an android phone that can be synced in one place. The MS Office has come up with the Family safety app for the Apple iPhones. The MS Office has recently come up with a Family Safety app for the Apple iPhones when the company comes up with an Office 365 subscription.

The customer version of the Family safety app is a popular video meeting along with the productivity app such as Microsoft Teams and the AI-powered service that is known as Microsoft Editor. It is free to download from the app that is available on the Apple app store now. You can use this Microsoft Safety app on many Apple devices that are synced in one place. Remember, the parents can set a time limit for the apps and the games that are blocked to access. There are different web filters that can limit the browsing activities to certain websites that are considered by the Microsoft Office security app.

What is more to discuss about MS Office security apps on Apple and iOS devices?

The location-sharing feature of the Microsoft Office security app allows the families to update the security in the critical moments of life such as when your child reaches work safely. Microsoft has easily rolled the app for the iOS that is tested for a few weeks. The MS Office365 subscription plans come with Home and Office personal subscriptions.

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Remember, the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 personal subscription comes up with a Microsoft office security app for the Apple and iOS devices. It is available at an affordable cost while Microsoft 365 family subscription can be shared with up to 6 users. The Microsoft 365 plans with MS Office security app include accessing the Office apps that include the common but most effective applications that include Word, Outlook, and publisher along with the Office OneDrive app for Cloud storage and Skype, that enables you to perform video chat.

What are some of the useful features of Microsoft Family Safety for iOS?

With the help of the Microsoft Family safety feature, the users will get the purchase approval request via email before one of the family members purchases something relevant from the MS Store. The Microsoft safety feature to block or unblock the apps, more time for parents to respond to the requests, and a location cluster that allows the users to easily see and manage the multiple family members that are together.

Moreover, Microsoft Family safety syncs many applications and the other operating systems on time. This will make sure that the kids will not be able to swap the devices to get extra hours while playing the games.

To conclude:

The Microsoft Family safety application is very proficient software that will help the user to protect your Apple iOS devices with many other important features. We hope this article has given you enough insights to secure your Apple devices with the Microsoft Family safety app. To get more information you can visit the official website of Microsoft.

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