SI1 vs. SI2 Diamonds: The Sparkling Siblings of the Diamond World!

Hello, diamond fans! Ever find yourself in a blingy store, caught between an SI1 and an SI2 diamond and scratching your head in confusion? Well, dust off that tiara, and pull up your jewel-studded throne, for we’re about to break down this “sparkly soap opera” in all its glittery glory.

“Slightly Included”: The Background

Before we jump into the details, let’s get familiar with the lingo! The SI in SI1 and SI2 stands for “Slightly Included.” No, it’s not about that one friend who invites themselves to every party—they’re “totally included.” Instead, “Slightly Included” refers to diamonds that have some inclusions (tiny internal or external imperfections) that may or may not be visible to the naked eye.

SI1: The Older, More Sophisticated Sibling

SI1 diamonds are like the first-borns of the diamond family. They have fewer and smaller inclusions, making them the overachiever in the “Slightly Included” category.

Grading the Glittering Genius (SI1):

  1. Visibility: Generally, inclusions in SI1 diamonds are invisible to the unaided eye. You might need a magnifying glass or some really funky jeweler’s goggles to spot these.
  2. Location: Think of these inclusions as teeny beauty marks, often tucked away where they aren’t stealing the diamond’s thunder.

SI2: The Fun, Unpredictable Younger Sibling

Meet SI2, the zesty, unpredictable counterpart. It’s got a few more inclusions, and they might just be visible if you squint real hard or if you’re that friend who’s always extra attentive to details.

Grading the Quirky Character (SI2):

  1. Visibility: With SI2 diamonds, there’s a good chance you’ll spot an inclusion or two without too much optical aid. But hey, aren’t we all a little imperfect?
  2. Location: These inclusions might pop up center-stage or hang out by the sidelines. It’s like playing “Where’s Waldo?” but with sparkly gems!

Are SI1 and SI2 Diamonds a Steal?

Alright, here’s where it gets juicy. SI1 and SI2 diamonds might be siblings, but they come at different price points. Since SI1 diamonds are the “cleaner” ones, they’ll usually command a higher price. On the other hand, SI2 diamonds are like that last slice of pizza on sale because of that olive nobody wants—it’s cheaper and still delicious.

For the budget-conscious sparkle enthusiast, SI2 diamonds can be a real steal. Sure, there might be a small blemish or two, but place it in the right setting, and voilà, you’ve got a dazzling piece without breaking the bank. Meanwhile, SI1 diamonds offer a middle-ground: clearer than SI2, more affordable than the higher grades, and still a stunner!

The Sparkly Summary

If diamonds were donuts (bear with us), SI1 would be the sprinkle donut with just a sprinkle missing, while SI2 would be that donut with a quirky dollop of extra frosting. Both delicious, both amazing in their own right.

When considering SI1 or SI2, think about your priorities: budget, visibility of inclusions, and of course, how bright you want your finger to shine. Either way, remember, it’s all about the love and joy it represents, and every diamond, just like us, is beautiful in its unique way. Happy sparkling! ✨